Where are the missing rebate checks? Angry consumers who were promised cash back for buying energy efficient appliances were getting nothing but empty mailboxes! Hank's investigation turns up the heat on this missing money.

When Lisa Fass wanted to upgrade her air conditioner to this energy efficient one, the Framingham resident says an offer for a $300 rebate sealed the deal.


"I chose it because it did have a good rebate attached to it!"

When Janice Cantelli's old water heated conked out, the Revere homeowner found a great deal on this shiny, new, energy efficient model. A huge selling point: She'd get a huge rebate for going green!


"The 1200 rebate was awesome!"

The rebates were from "Mass Save" a program the state requires all utility companies to participate in. If you buy certain energy-saving appliances: Hot water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces and thermostats, the program offers you a big financial savings in return.

So, Janice and Lisa say they followed the directions perfectly: filled out the rebate form, and sent along all the necessary paperwork.


I expected a check in 6-8 weeks.

The rebate form says you can expect to receive your refund in four to six weeks! But after 8 weeks? NO checks arrived. 9 weeks, then 10, then 11, 12, 13, 14 weeks went by for Janice or Lisa and NO checks! Both women called the rebate processing company, but felt like they were getting the run around.


"No phone call, no letter, no nothing. They promised to let me know, and they didn't."

And also–no checks.


it's very annoying and frustrating when you're promised something and it doesn't happen


it's not fair, it's not fair to any consumer.

Nstar and National Grid, the two largest utilities participating in the Mass Save program, blame the delays on the processing company, Minnesota based Helgeson Enterprises.

They say "the company had to sync up its computer system with all the utility companies -and that took longer than expected."

We contacted the Helgeson offices several times, and were told "no one can take your call" they were "at lunch" or "all out of the office."

We finally spoke with a customer service rep, who told us no rebate application from 2012 had even been entered into the system yet! They were still working on 2011!

That means potentially thousands of other Massachusetts homeowners who went green-are still waiting for their green.


it's horrible, it's actually horrible.

Utility companies now insist the glitch is fixed and the checks are in the mail, or soon will be! But if you’re still waiting you can call your utility company and report it. They can then call the rebate processor directly- and see what’s up.

If you’re missing a rebate check, click here for more information: http://www.masssave.com/

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