WELLESLEY, Mass. (WHDH)– A 10-year old boy was found after a desperate search around Morses pond in Wellesley.

Emergency crews fanned the pond minutes after the 10-year old boy was reported missing.

“At that time, it was unknown whether the child was in the water or on the land at the beach,” police officials said.

He had been missing for a matter of minutes. The fire department soon found him in the waist deep water.

“Medical personnel were working on resuscitating him when he was taken out of the water and he was transported to the hospital,” officials said.

His condition, unknown. Where on the pond he was pulled from, a mystery. Over this unusually hot weekend, we're told the pond was crowded.

“The pond closes at 7:00. This happened just before 6:00. So there were still a lot of people here that were utilizing the pond,” said officials.

Investigators say there were lifeguards on duty at the time. They just won't say how many. It’s also unclear how long the boy was actually under the water or what hospital he was taken to.

And it was a dive team from the Wellesley Fire Department that went out onto the water. After searching for a good 20 to 30 minutes they were able to pull his body and this 10-year old has now been pronounced dead.

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