Researchers at MIT recently created a headset designed to give people super sight by helping find things that may seem hidden. 

Speaking this week, the researchers behind the tech said they are laser focused on the product and ways it can help people. 

“It allows them to see things that are otherwise not visible to the human eye,” Professor Fadel Adib told 7NEWS.

The augmented reality headset, called X-AR, helps users find hidden or lost items by sending a wireless signal to any item that has a designated tag on it. 

“It visualizes items for people and then it guides them towards items,” Adib said.

The technology cuts through barriers, seeing through cardboard, plastic and wood to locate missing items with extremely high accuracy. 

Researchers said the system is able to locate items in an environment with accuracy to 10 centimeters. 

This, researchers said, could be game changing for many industries including manufacturing and retail, helping employees locate and differentiate between inventory

The technology could also have even bigger implications for the future, potentially being used to detect items in high security locations such as airports. 

Researchers said the technology could even be in homes someday, helping find items such as lost keys. 

“If it becomes a lot cheaper and more accurate, you can imagine it becomes something everyone has at home in the future,” MIT PHD Student Tara Boroushaki said. 

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