Mitt Romney contender for Secretary of State under Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Elect Donald Trump plans to meet with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney this weekend.

Some reports say Romney is on Trump’s short-list for who will serve as Secretary of State.

No one from Romney’s team has spoken about a possible position for the former Massachusetts governor in the president’s administration.

That’s according to a source involved with the incoming Republican president’s transition, who described it as a “healing meeting.” The source requested anonymity because the event has not been officially announced.

Romney was the 2012 presidential nominee and was an outspoken critic of Trump throughout the election. He slammed the New York businessman as a “phony” and a “fraud.” Trump repeatedly referred to Romney as a “loser.”

But the two began mending fences after Trump’s victory. Romney called to congratulate Trump.

“Mitt Romney called to congratulate me on the win,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Very nice!”

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