Romney: "He's been one of the most ineffective presidents at the job at hand that I’ve ever seen."

Romney says Obama has failed nationally…and internationally:

Romney: "The number one issue he faced walking into the door was an economy in fast decline. He didn't cause that, but he made things worse. He doesn't have a foreign policy.”

So what does Romney think he has?

Romney: "I believe I can get our economy going again."

But for Romney to go anywhere in this race, he's going to have to convince voters he's genuine…and not a character from central casting.

So not only does he have to lose his tie, he has to loosen up, and he's trying, talking about things like what's on his playlist:

Romney: "A lot of 60's music and some 70's music. Mostly rock. I like country music. I mean the Beatles were phenomenal."

VIEWER VOICES: Is Mitt Romney a strong GOP candidate for President?

And what is he reading?

Romney: "I just finished president bush's book–decisions. I like silly stuff too. I mean I liked the twilight series. I thought that was fun."

More fun I hope than the last time I asked him about the Twilight vampires:

Hiller: "Are you a fan of Team Edward or Team Jacob?”

Romney: "Team Jacob, of course…I thought you were in the political world there. No we're in the world of lost, of course. How can you be for Edward? I'm for…now I haven't seen the latest shows…"

Hiller: "Team Edward or Team Jacob. Isn't that from the vampire series?”

Romney "Ok. I was thinking of the lost series. Yeah, you're right. Jacob is the uh, um…have you watched lost?”

Romney gives himself better than 50-50 odds of winning the White House, but not too many others do.

The truth is: Romney is a weak front-runner who may not get stronger.

I’m Andy Hiller and that’s my instinct.


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