I dare you to try to keep track of our weather this week, marking specifics for each day on the calendar.  This entire week is such a mixed bag of weather emotions, it’s almost as if Mother Nature is going through menopause.  Temps are up, then they’re down.  Then there’s rain, then there’s snow… all of this in just a week?  Get ready for a roller coaster ride!

We will stay dry through the week, with one exception;  Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning could feature a few rain showers (temps should stay above freezing during this period), but these sprinkles will stay in SE Mass, the Cape and Islands.

The big headline of the week is the warm up.  We get to enjoy the boost in temps we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time now.  It’s hard to think back to 7 weeks ago, but the last time we had temps up to 50 degrees was January 18th (it’s easy to forget how mild it was for Christmas and most of January before the blizzard hit).  I really think we’ll hit it on Wednesday – but we may not all be running around outside, singing show tunes like Julie Andrews, because a few clouds and a light breeze might mask our “warmth” a touch.  

… but that’s it.  Wednesday is when temps peak for the week, and then we’re on the downhill slide into the weekend.  Someone tweeted me recently and said, “A midweek warm up?  Big deal!  It’s going to get COLD again.”  I say, it IS a big deal.  Just because you know on a Friday at 5pm that you have to return to work on Monday, doesn’t mean you skip your weekend!  Enjoy the relief from the cold!  Furthermore, yesterday’s high was 38… and I thought that felt pretty darn good, lest we forget.

Now, to the real kicker of the forecast:  We’re tracking a storm for next weekend.  It’s looking to trend colder than I initially thought, which means it’s likely there’s snow involved here.  Some will say “Hiss! Boo!” but others will cheer – because it could be just enough to break the snowfall record.  I’ll say it again:  After this winter we have endured, we deserve to go down in history.  – Bri

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