A Florida mother was arrested after police said she left her children in the car while she was at a bar.

Police said April King, 35, stopped in at a bar Sunday afternoon, leaving her children inside the running SUV. Bar employees called police after seeing King arrive and leave her children in the car.

According to police reports, an officer saw a Breathalyzer installed inside King's SUV that requires her to use it before the SUV can start. When it would not work for King, the officer said her 4-year-old son blew into it.

"It looked pretty obvious that he knew what he was doing," said the responding officer.

King's husband said he is relieved that his children are safe and people stepped in to help before something tragic happened. He also said he had no idea that his son knew how to use his mother's Breathalyzer in her car.

"Evidently he has been trained while I was gone," said King's husband. "As a matter of fact, I just picked him up from daycare and he was upset that I didn't bring Mommy's car because he wanted to blow into the thing."

King has been charged with child neglect and remains behind bars. Her husband said she has "personal demons" to deal with.

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