It was a dry end to the weekend, however, the increased clouds we had foreshadow the next storm that will be working on in here.  Those clouds also helped cap temps in the 20s to near 30 this afternoon, so it remained chilly for sure. 

With all the cold air in place, you’d think we’d be talking all snow with this next system, right?  Not quite, as the somewhat milder air wins out tomorrow, allowing for some locations to change to rain by mid to late morning.  Notice I say “some”.  Although the milder air works in, it’s a process and a tough fight.  That tough fight allows for a period of freezing rain mid morning to mid afternoon after a brief period of morning snow for inland towns (Near and west of I-495).  In fact, because of a glaze of ice on top of a coating to an inch of snow, a winter weather advisory is in place from 4:00AM to 3:00PM for many towns west of I-95. Along the coast and down through Southeast Mass, the process of going from a mix to rain is much quicker, and will take place in the city after only a coating of snow/sleet. Southeast Mass, it’s mainly all rain on this one.

Start times tomorrow:

Along 95, north and west:  Some snow/sleet start between 4:00AM -7:00AM and turn to freezing rain by 10AM. Freezing rain continues into the early  afternoon for many towns north of the Mass Pike and west of 495.  A coating -1″ of snow for most, although northwest of Worcester, it’s 1-3″ of snow   before the changeover.

Boston:  Brief period of snow or sleet starts 7:00-9:00AM.  A coating of snow/sleet before flipping to rain by 10:00AM.

Southeast Mass:  Maybe a few flakes/sleet pellets by 9:00AM, but it’s mainly a rainy day.

The rest of the week looks quiet as the Thursday-Friday storm looks too far south to impact us at this point.

How about for the AFC Championship?  Next Sunday looks a bit above seasonable levels and dry… lower 40s, so it does look much milder than last night!

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