Now a story you’ll see only on 7–and it many mean big bucks for your kid’s school! In these days of budget cuts and layoffs–Hank’s uncovered a huge stash of cash–just waiting for local schools to claim! Is there some for your town? Hank Investigates.

Guess what, Abington High School–you’ve got a thousand bucks waiting for you! Orchard Gardens School in Boston—you’ve got TWO thousand dollars! We uncovered a long list of local public schools who have money waiting for them in state coffers. All they have to do is ask for it. Problem is–until we told them, they had no idea. Cambridge schools are due $2700!


“What did think when you saw this?”

Jeff Young, Cambridge School Superintendent

“I thought it was terrific.”

We found money for the Pierce School in Brookline, Middle High in Avon, the Hannah School in Beverly. Found cash for schools in Worcester and Clinton and Bridgewater and Brockton and Cohasset.

And we let Quincy schools know they have 13-thousand dollars coming to them.

Richard DiChristofaro, Quincy School Superintendent

“We had no idea about this, so we’re tremendously grateful to channel 7 and your office for doing this research for us. It’s basically like winning a little bit of a lottery for Quincy public schools.”

Where’s all this money coming from?

You’ve seen those lists of names the state treasurer’s office puts out twice a year…people who have unclaimed money from old safe deposit boxes or forgotten bank accounts. Well we looked a little closer–and see? There are also schools on the list!

And what school couldn’t use some more money right now to spend on its students?

Lowell has a total of more than $3000 to claim! Boston about $5000!

We did the math—and the grand total is almost a million dollars!


“That’s a lot of money!”

Steve Grossman State Treasurer

“It’s a ton of money, money they are desperate for, they need it so badly.”

This found money comes from things like uncashed refund checks, insurance payments that fell through the accounting cracks, and money from fundraisers that somehow got misplaced. Now schools can use it for everything from books to art supplies to field trips!

Richard DiChristofaro, Quincy School Superintendent

“Were looking forward to spending it and using it on our kids!”

Now school officials tell us they’ve learned their lesson!

And they’ll start doing their homework – checking the lists so they don’t miss out on any more money.

Richard DiChristofaro, Quincy School Superintendent

“Do you think in the future you’ll look for the money yourself? In the future we will be looking for the money ourselves.”

As a result of our story, the state treasurer will now start sending letters to all school districts to let them know they may have money to claim! And if you’re wondering–hey, is there money for my kid’s school? We’ve put the whole database right here on our website, so you can check for yourself.

You can also search online to see if you, your family, your company, etc. have unclaimed money:

If you’d like to call the Massachusetts Treasurer’s office to have them check call: 888-344-MASS

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