You've got to cringe at the gas pump–prices are so high. Groceries and gold jewelry – even a cup of coffee: they seem to cost more and more every day.

But I've been shopping for bargains–someone has to do the tough stories–and you know what? There are some once-pricey items that are cheaper now than ever before.

If video games are up your alley…it's game on. Gaming systems are in such high demand companies have to print more memory chips and that large-scale production means you win. The cost of a Wii used to be $250. Now you can get an even more advanced version for $149 or less!

Some printed books are getting more expensive now–but e-readers can give you all the words at a lower price than ever.

Kindles, for instance, debuted at about $349.

But right now – you can get one for $114.

Microwaves are now micropriced! So many places are selling them now, that price competition is heating up.

In 2010 a stainless steel 1200-watter was about $199.

Now it's $99.

And if you get your recipes on your laptop–those are cheaper, too. Here's a 2009 ad we found for a 15 inch laptop *on sale* for $649. But here's a similar one now in the store for $279.

"The technology is less expensive to manufacture, so they've come way down in price,” said Kenny Rinehart of Best Buy.

Shopper Mia Meredith wants to watch the news and her wallet.

She waited two years for the price of a flat screen TV to drop and she just scored this 42-incher. She knows in 2010 they were a pricey $599 — now she's gonna channel surf in style for just $429.

"I love it, I'm so excited!” said Meredith.

And now since it's vacation time–also check out digital cameras-experts tell us they're also at an all time low-you can get a great camera for under a hundred bucks.

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