“I’m trying to ‘can,’ but I just can’t even.”  This is the line that keeps running through my head on repeat.  I’m trying so hard to keep the upbeat, all smiles, cheer-on-springtime attitude going – but I just can’t even.  We woke up to more snow for the first full day of spring, and now our seasonal snow total in Boston is over the 110″ mark (110.3″)… and counting??  My tears literally froze to my face this morning.  Forecasting more snow for spring?  We hope not, but it’s not out of the question.  

For this week, we’re done with the snow but the cold isn’t done with us yet.  Another arctic front makes its way through this evening, possibly popping some scattered rain and snow showers as it traverses the area.  Then, it’s just blustery and cold.  Winds will add a painful kick to the air tomorrow and Monday, even though there will be ample sunshine.  Highs will struggle to get past the freezing mark.  We’re stuck in the 20s in many locations.  Our average high for this month is sitting at 31.8 degrees.  This could possibly go down in history as one of the coldest months of March ever.  Now I’m really saving up for that Canada Goose coat… I think I’ll need it this spring!  

Lots of sunshine kicks off the week, but temps will stay cold.  Monday will be another day where we won’t get much melting done.  Highs will once again be around 32F…. BUT THEN… some brief relief.  We get a boost in temps for the middle of the week, and on Thursday I think it’s possible to hit 60 in some spots.  It looks like a dreary day with scattered showers, but I prefer my showers to be warm rather than cold… so I’ll take mid to upper 50s on Thursday. 

Again, this is brief relief.  Mother Nature will continue her wild, erratic mood swings.  While Friday may be more seasonable in the mid 40s, another cold blast is in store for next weekend.  I’d tell you just how cold it’s going to get… but “I just can’t even.”

Hang on tight.  The ups and downs of spring continue!  – Bri

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