It was quite the show last night across much of Northern New England with the Northern Lights dancing in the sky with it’s beautiful shades of red and green.  Even in parts of Massachusetts, a dimmer version of the Auroras was scene.  If you want to check out more on this, take a peek at and it’s photo gallery.

Clear skies helped the views across New England, and also helped us cool down.  So what about this weekend’s weather?

Apple orchard, golf course, ball field, or BBQ this weekend?  The weather overall works out for most of the time, but we will find several hours late this afternoon and early this evening that scattered showers work through.  It won’t be a lot of rain with many towns picking up less than a tenth of an inch.  The highest chance for those scattered showers run in the 4pm-9pm time frame.  It doesn’t mean it’ll rain that entire time, it’s just the time frame that the batch of these hit or miss showers moves through.  We could use a soaker though, especially south of the Pike as many towns are running 2-6″ of rain below average for the last 60 days!  

Sunday looks brighter overall with a bit of a breeze and a lot of returning sunshine.  Highs hold in the mid to upper 60s. 

The week ahead features a chance of rain Tuesday, other than that, a dry week overall with the chilliest weather we’ve seen since the Spring returning by Thursday and Friday.  Despite lots of sun, highs have trouble going much above 60 and overnight lows fall into toward 40. Even some mid to upper 30s possible in the burbs! 

Enjoy the weekend and go Pats!

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