More mold discovered in Portsmouth police station

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (AP) — A problem with mold at the Portsmouth police headquarters is getting worse.

The Portsmouth Herald reports that mold was found in a captain’s office and several other rooms in March.

A police department official said last week that the first attempt at abatement didn’t work and had to be repeated, and that new mold was discovered in another area of the station.

Business administrator Karen Senecal said the whole department will have be sealed off area by area to full address the problem. Police Commissioner Stefany Shaheen called the situation unacceptable.

“I know everyone’s working hard to make it better, but we are asking people to go above and beyond, given the current working conditions. I think we personally have to thank everyone for the persistence and patience for working with the mess that is now down there,” she said. “We’re asking people to live and work in situations where there is mold. It’s not acceptable and we have to make it better.”

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