More than 3600 pound walrus welcomed at Tacoma zoo

TACOMA, WASHINGTON (NBC) — There is a new big “man-mmal” at the Point Defiance Zoo in Washington State and he is making quite the splash.

Meet Dozer. The more than 3600 pound walrus made his debut at the zoo in Tacoma on Friday.

Zoo officials said there is only 14 pacific walruses in U.S. facilities and in the next few months, they could be listed as a threatened species.

Walruses depend on ice as a space for breeding and to give birth, and the ice is beginning to diminish.

So seven zoos around the nation have taken in male walruses to encourage breeding.

Dozer could be heard making loud sounds, which the zoo officials say are breeding calls.

They hope their new hunk of a marine mammal will make a splash with the ladies soon.