Mother and son arrive in Massachusetts after being separated at border

BOSTON (WHDH) - A Brazilian mother and her young son separated at the U.S.-Mexico border have returned to Massachusetts after being reunited on Thursday.

On Friday, Lidia Souza and 9-year-old Diogo touched down in the Bay State.

The two fled to the United States seeking asylum but were separated at the border over a month ago. That’s when Lidia came to live in Massachusetts and Diogo was sent to a facility in Chicago.

But in an emergency hearing Thursday, a federal judge declared that the two should be reunited.

In the days ahead, Souza said she wants to “work and have a normal life.”

In May, Lidia turned herself and her son into the authorities guarding the border in Texas saying that her life was in danger in her native Brazil.

Her son was then taken from her with no word on where he would be taken.

Lidia was released on June 9 but had no idea when she would see her young son again.

She said another detained mother who had also been separated from her child told her to check a Chicago shelter, and there she found Diogo. They were allowed no more than weekly 20-minute phone calls, in which he begged her to get them reunited.

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