Mother writes cards for her daughter’s lifetime

No one can live forever, and no one knows that better than Heather McManamy.

With cancer that's metasticized in her bones and liver, Heather is holding on to hope that she can see her daughter Bri off to her first day of kindergarten. 

If she loses her battle before then, she has a safety net.

Heather is writing her daughter advice, encouragement and memories.

She's compiling cards and letters for every milestone from a bad day, to her wedding day. 

Letter by letter, she's writing herself back into her daughters life.

"It was difficult once I was done, just looking at this pile that's a physical representation of everything I'm going to miss," she says.

Heather says if the letters are too hard for Bri to read, or just make her sad, she doesn't care if they ever get opened, just that Bri has them if she ever wants them. 

Meanwhile, she's holding on to hope every time that she will still be there to hand deliver the next letter.

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