Mothers wait to hear fate of children after Orlando shooting

ORLANDO (NBC) - Three mothers made a plea for their children, gripped by fear and terror following the Orlando nightclub shooting.

They rushed to the scene and the hospital, desperate to get answers about their kids.

“My son was in the club with his boyfriend and other friends, and I know his boyfriend has been shot multiple times and is in the emergency room, but I don’t know where my son is,” one mother said. “No one can tell me where my son is, if he’s been shot, if he’s dead, no one knows.”

It was a heart wrenching moment as they prayed their sons made it.

“I just pray I can find him,” another mother said. He’s a good kid. He shouldn’t have been there. I’ve been trying all morning, so I can’t seem to find him. Just keep us in your prayers and hopefully this madness can stop.”

Mina Justice was outside the club trying to find her 30-year-old son Eddie.

She read text messages from him that he sent during the shooting that said “Trapped in the bathroom. Call police. I’m gonna die.”

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