Social media consultant Kirsty Sinsara is involved in a legal battle with the Vince Neil who is the front man for the legendary band Motley Crue.

Sinsara took on the rock star as a client back in 2013 and managed his social media accounts.

She then learned through a reporter that Neil was suing her for control of his social media accounts.

“I was his social media manager, I managed all of his social media accounts. You can’t do that without passwords,” Kirsty said.

Sinsara said she gave him the information about the accounts back in Febreuary. Sinsara believes that this battle is actually between her and Vince Neil’s girlfriend who wants control over the rocker’s social media accounts.

Sinsara will file a counter lawsuit against Neil to recover her reputation.

According to reports Neil’s attorney said he drafted a settlement agreement to avoid further litigation.  

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