Moving Day

Moving Day. We’ve all had them, whether it’s moving into or out of a home the day is full of promise as well as challenges. No different with Ma Nature and today is moving day for her. She’ll be attempting to move warm & increasingly humid air into New England (that humidity is already seeping into New England). This moving process usually results in some kind of weather and that’s the case today.

We’ll see clouds the entire day and the risk of some scattered showers this morning. It’s not a washout so outdoor plans can get accomplished–especially this afternoon. Technically, it is a warm front but afternoon temps will be cooler than the past few afternoons with temps ranging from 57-63 (coolest along the coast).

Tomorrow will start how today ends…clouds, patchy fog and drizzle but as we step through the morning some sun finds a way through the clouds and that will send temps skyrocketing into the 70s by afternoon. It will be noticeably more humid too. That warmth & humidity will lead to some scattered afternoon t-storms with scattered once again the operative word here.

Mother’s Day is dandy–as it should be–with mostly sunny skies, much lower humidity and seasonably warm temps, mid 70s. Simply fantastic day for Lilac Sunday out at the Arnold Arboretum, golfing, or even hitting the beaches!

Have a great weekend.. Hi Mom!