Moving forward

Even though that monster storm is racing across the north Atlantic this morning we still have some leftover wind from that system. The wind out there this morning isn’t damaging wind but rather just plain old arctic chill wind. Many cities & towns have wind chills down into the single numbers and we will hold onto that chilly breeze right into early afternoon. By this afternoon that wind will fade away. Sunshine will also fade away during the afternoon hours but despite fading sunshine, temps will reach the lower 40s.

Those clouds are tied to a warm front that will deliver the goods on Friday as many towns see their temps soar into the 50s by afternoon. The trade-off to this newfangled warmth is more wind….not damaging but still enough to mask the mild feel to the air. Clouds will also be present and even a few isolated showers are possible after 4pm.

As we step into the weekend the overall weather pattern is unsettled so plan on clouds and rain by Saturday afternoon (after 3pm) with a Sunday Soaker on tap. Most towns pick up 1 maybe 2″ of rain on Sunday.  Temps are mild on Saturday before the rain arrives, near 50 but downright raw on Sunday not making it out of the 30s.

My thoughts & prayers go out to the families & friends of the two fallen firefighters yesterday, in particular the Walsh family..3 children lost their dad yesterday. Not a good day for Boston.