MSPCA warns dog owners about toxic Cyanobacteria blooms in Massachusetts

BOSTON (WHDH) - The MSPCA is reminding dog owners to keep their pups out of ponds with green film on the surface after state health officials issued warnings about Cyanobacteria blooms across Massachusetts.

In a post on Twitter, the MSCPA reminded dog owners that if they see water with blue-green algae that looks like pea soup or paint they shouldn’t let their dogs swim or drink in it.

Dogs that come into contact with murky water should be rinsed off immediately and taken to the vet if they show symptoms like vomiting, staggering, drooling, or convulsions.

Three dogs died earlier this month in North Carolina just hours after swimming in a tainted pond.

As of Aug. 9, the following freshwater bodies have found Cyanobacteria blooms.

Billington Sea – Plymouth
Crystal Lake – Newton
Davol Pond – Westport
Long Pond Marstons Mills – Barnstable
Shubael Pond – Barnstable
For more information, visit the state’s alert page.

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