Muggies On The Move

Humidity took a back seat this afternoon as the winds became onshore and brought in a whole new airmass.

Let me correct myself there. That onshore wind actually had it's orgins in yesterday's weather and was simply reinforced this afternoon. It's what kept us from reaching 90 in Boston Sunday and kept us below 80 this afternoon…at least at Logan Airport.

While still a cooling influence, the sea breeze is also capable of jacking up the humidity this time of year – most notably when the water temperatures climb into – and above – the low 60s. (Now hovering in the upper 60s in spots!)

This is tomorrow's forecast focus. Light southeast winds will bring in more humid air and increase our chances for a shower or downpour. However, it's not like the entire day is wrapped in torrential rain. These downpours will be brief and VERY isolated. Like 30% chance isolated. So go about your business and enjoy the day.

Less enjoyable may be Wednesday, when the downpours are more significant and widespread. There will be a lot of water coming out of these clouds, so keep an eye to the sky (or road if you're driving). 

Cooler, less humid air will follow to finish our workweek.