A Muslim student in South Carolina is giving "Hugs for Humanity," hoping to encourage people to trust him and fellow Muslims.

Alend Barzenji is Muslim and has lived in South Carolina with his family since he was 5 years old. After the attacks in Paris, Barzenji said he saw a lot of backlash directed at Muslims. He said his "Hugs for Humanity" project was inspired by seeing a video of a blind Muslim man being hugged by strangers.

"I didn’t expect that much positivity, but I had faith in Greenville," said Barzenji. "It’s something that shows love, peace and acceptance and that’s what this is all about."

For two hours, Barzenji stood outside, blindfolded. A sign next to him explained that he hoped people would see him and those of his faith as not terrorists. He said the response he got was better than expected.

"Not many could see, but I was tearing up behind the blindfold," said Barzenji. "I’m not about the negativity, I always try to spread the positive vibes."

"He’s blindfolded, he doesn’t know what people are going to do to him. It’s just brave of him," said Hugs for Humanity participant Nathan Noel.

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