Muslim woman afraid to reach out for medical help, because of faith

A woman is looking for a kidney donor but has been afraid to publicize her search because of her faith.

Now she is opening up about her condition.

26-year-old Dania Kandacker is alive because of a 3 times a week dialysis and a host of daily pills.

Diagnosed with lupus at age 11, the auto immune disease has attacked her kidneys and she desperately needs a transplant.

But after finding no matches among family and friends she needs to make a wider appeal.

The problem is, this Muslim woman thinks her faith may turn donors off.

“If people didn’t know that part about me they wouldn’t think twice,” said Dania. “They’d be like hey this is a girl that needs a kidney and once you put that piece of information that’s she’s Muslim I don’t know how each persons is going to react.”

The recent climate had her coworkers at Brandeis University, who wanted to help her, fearful too.

“In the days since the election I’ve heard numerous reports of Muslims being subjected to ethnic slurs,” said coworker Jane Marin, “being told to get out of the county and the last thing any of us want to do is inadvertently make Dania a potential target.”

But with dialysis piled up in her apartment and time being of the essence, her life depends on it.

“I just got married a few years ago,” said Dania, “and I feel like I’m just starting my life. I have plans…”

Anyone looking for more information about donation can call MGH’s organ donor number 877-644-2860 or visit their website at

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