Bear breaks into New Jersey home

NEW JERSEY (WHDH) — A bear break-in was caught on camera in northern New Jersey.

The bear used some incredible skills, after it managed to squeeze itself through a window and into someone’s basement.

Bunny Bateman was the first to spot it.

“I saw this black thing by the door,” Bateman said.

She estimated it was three-feet tall.

It probably weighed well over 100 pounds.

It was Monday afternoon when it lumbered around a New Jersey neighborhood trying to get into garbage cans.

She called police.

“I was concerned that kids are out of school now,” Bateman said.

But when cops arrived, it was gone.

“And I saw them going between the two houses, the last I saw,” Bateman said. “But I wasn’t going to go too far. I don’t run too fast.”

Police told her to stay inside.

When they went between the homes, they found a broken basement window.

Inside, the bear’s eyes, peering back out at them.

Somehow it broke in and squeezed through the small opening.

When a bear breaks into a home, it’s called a Category One, which means police are required to put it down.

“I’m a big thing on wildlife and feed the birds and all the wild animals and everything like that,” Bateman said. “I really felt bad about it. I turned it in like that.”

Police did shoot the bear once, but it apparently did not cause any major injury.

It eventually ran off into the woods.

Police said the state Department of Fish and Wildlife tracked it for a while, and they expect it to make a full recovery.

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