Bear caught walking on two legs in Washington

A big bear stood out in Washington state, after being captured on camera by an excited neighbor.

It was a cute moment that has the whole neighborhood talking.

Police are using the “wow” moment to reinforce a safe relationship with the wild neighbors.

The bear standing on two legs reaches into the garbage can, gets her hands on a bag of trash and then walks down to the curb towards her cub.

The new neighborhood is built right next to the woods.

“He’s got his hands full, you can’t put all four of them down and walk away,” Kim Chandler of Fish and Wildlife said.

Chandler said he’s seen bears walk on their hind legs like this twice before.

Right away, he spotted the problem.

“Immediately when I saw that video I see a closed garage door and the garbage can outside that closed garage door,” Chandler said.

Biologist Nadine Drisseq saw the video and went door to door and to educate neighbors.

“I told them they could get bear resistant containers from Recology that hasbeing subsidized by the city for $1.55 a month,” she said.

Chandler said the best way to help the bear and her cub is to put the garbage away.

“The food source is gone, the bears are gone,” he said.

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