Car flips into house in Indiana

A group of people were shocked Sunday morning after a car flipped into their house in Indianapolis.

Everyone in the house woke up to a giant crash shortly after 7:00 a.m.

“We were sleeping and heard a giant boom and I knew immediately somebody had hit the house,” homeowner Rachelle Bales said.

The driver, a young man in his late teens, seemed to lose control of his car, then ran into the porch and the side of the house.

The freak accident may have been caused by the slick roads in the rainy weather.

“He slid in sideways and then hit the porch and the impact from hitting the porch flung him into the side of the house, and flipped the car and that’s what pushed the house over,” Bales said.

According to Bales, his leg was trapped under the steering column.

Paramedics then took the man to the hospital.

No one in the home was hurt, but the house sustained significant damage.