Firefighters had to rescue an Alabama teenager after her head got stuck in a Barney costume.

Darby Risner said she was hanging out with friends when she decided to play a joke.

“I like, look over by the couch and I see the Barney head, and I was just like, ‘You know what? I’m just going to put it on,” Risner said.

Darby was trying to scare her friends, but instead got a bit of a scare herself when the head didn’t come off.

When sliding the head down, it got stuck on her shoulders.

Her friends stepped in to help, but that also failed, so Darby’s friends and family called the fire department.

“They laid me down on the floor and Meredith took my feet and Sam took the head and they both pulled opposite directions,” Risner said.

To save themselves the embarrassment, they drove to the fire station rather than have trucks come to the house.

“When she first got there, we looked at it and it was tight,” Lieutenant Vince Bruno of Trussville Fire and Rescue said. “It had come down around her shoulders and was holding her arms. It looked kind of like a dinosaur arms because she could bend from the elbows down, and it was a little comical.”

Shortly after arriving, firefighters were able to remove the Barney head.

The teen had a few bruises on her arms, but was otherwise unharmed.

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