Young boy donates $20K to children’s hospital

A young boy in Wisconsin is being recognized for a good deed that surpassed expectations.

Blake Kroll, 10, decided to make a donation to a children’s hospital, which quickly grew when others decided to help out.

“We were very surprised, and never did we think that this would take place,” said his mother, Kim Kroll.

This all started when Blake announced that he would donate the $500 he won for his hog “Spots” at auction.

Another group decided to raise a paddle to cover that donation, which started a wave of giving.

Within five to ten minutes, Blake had raised more than $15,000 from 30 different donors.

More people mailed checks to the Kroll family, allowing Blake to write a check to the children’s hospital for $20,000.

Blake decided to divide the money between two departments at the hospital, a gift to kids who are less fortunate than himself.

“His gift will make other children happier when they are here, it will support research that we can do to make the experience better,” said Blake’s doctor, Dr. John Kryger.

The children’s hospital of Wisconsin plans on putting up a special name for Blake plate to recognize the gift.


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