Mystery woman rescues dog after car crash

Lake Mary, FL (WHDH) — A Florida woman is on a mission to find the good Samaritan who stepped in and took care of her dog while she was in the hospital.

The woman was involved in a car crash on Super Bowl Sunday with her dog, Maggie, in the passenger seat.

She panicked because she didn’t know if Maggie was okay.  Until she was being lifted into an ambulance and saw a mystery woman with the dog.

“A woman just walked up and she was holding her,” said Sharla Green.  “I don’t know how she got her. I don’t where she found her. I don’t know when Maggie got out of the truck. But she was holding her and she was comforting her and she told me not to worry, that she would make sure she was taken care of.”

She wasn’t able to get the woman’s name but her goal is to let her know her small action made a big difference.


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