N.H. doctor who refuses to use computers loses medical license

NEW LONDON, N.H. (WHDH) — A New Hampshire doctor is fighting to get her medical license after she said the Board of Medicine challenged her over her refusal to use a computer.

Dr. Anna Konopka, 84, surrendered her medical license last month after running a family medical practice out of her home office in New London for the past 28 years. She said she did not want to do it.

“They forced me to resign me from my practice,” said Konopka.

Konopka, who emigrated from Poland in 1961, does not use a computer and instead keeps all her patients’ files in filing cabinets. She said she despises “electronic medicine” because it stifles creativity and leads to computerized group thinking among doctors. When asked how her way of doing things works, she said she is “very good” with keeping track of all her patients.

Konopka said the Board of Medicine cited complaints about her record-keeping and decision-making but she called the complaints ridiculous. Last week, she asked a judge to reinstate her license. She said if the judge rules against her, she will appeal for the sake of her patients.

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