Nantucket residents shocked about allegations against frequent visitor Kevin Spacey

NANTUCKET, Mass. (WHDH) — Residents on Nantucket said they are shocked to hear that actor Kevin Spacey allegedly groped an 18-year-old man in a restaurant last year.

Former Boston news anchor Heather Unruh said Spacey sexually assaulted her son at the Club Car restaurant in July of 2016. Unruh said Spacey bought her son drinks, then stuck his hand down her son’s pants and groped him.

Spacey also allegedly insisted that her son come to an after-hours party so the two could continue to drink together. Unruh said her son was able to escape when Spacey got up for a moment to use the restroom. She said a concerned woman noticed that her son was emotionally disturbed and urged him to “run.”

“To Kevin Spacey, I want to say this: Shame on you for what you did to my son,” said Unruh as she fought back tears at the news conference on Wednesday.

Residents on Nantucket said Spacey visits frequently and is always pleasant and approachable. Luke Tedeschi said Spacey has dined at his restaurant several times.

“I’m a little upset about it that it happens and then it goes disregarded. Or that it goes hidden for this many years,” Tedeschi said.

The Club Car has since changed owners, with the new ones taking control back in January. Maumi Hattori, one of the new owners, told 7News that she is shocked by the allegations and hopes this inspires other people to come forward.

Unruh said she spoke with the Nantucket Sheriff shortly after the incident. The sheriff on Thursday referred all questions to the district attorney. Unruh said her son also went to Nantucket police last week, where he told them what happened and gave evidence. It was not specified what the evidence was. The Cape and Islands District Attorney said they have been in touch with the lawyer representing the person who made the allegations and a meeting will be setup soon.

Unruh’s attorney Mitchell Garabedian said he is conducting his own investigation and trying to identify any witnesses for an upcoming civil suit.

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