NANTUCKET, MASS. (WHDH) - A Nantucket store angry with “inconsiderate” customers who have been disrespecting their mask rule decided to close its doors on Wednesday and take a “mental health break” as COVID-19 cases continue to surge on the island.

It a statement, ACK 4170 Brand said they decided to ask customers to wear masks in an effort to maintain a healthy and safe environment in the store but the request has been met with some push back.

The store noted that the recent outbreak on the island has forced some local businesses to close due to positive cases.

“Sad to say the boiling point was reached. A decision was made to put a sign outside of our front door asking people to wear a mask. We have had an outbreak of cases on the island and several businesses have closed due to positive COVID cases. This decision was made for our safety and your safety. What people do not realize is how small of a community we have here on Nantucket and the size of our hospital,” the store wrote in an Instagram post. Is wearing your mask in our store for 10 minutes really the end of the world? Don’t you want to be safe and healthy? It all comes down to respect and decency for other human beings. Yesterday afternoon was the icing on the cake. Customers being disrespectful and inconsiderate was not going to be tolerated.”

Nantucket’s Board of Health vote Thursday to implement an indoor mask mandate to curb the spread of the virus.

The shop reopened its doors on Thursday morning.

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