There is big news on a story we first brought you, on just one station. Boat owners are being evicted from a controversial Charlestown Marina that was the focus of a Hank Investigation.

“Shame! Shame!”

Angry words and outrage came from boat owners outside a Boston courtroom. Complaints were aimed at Martin Oliner. He is the owner of the Shipyard Quarters Marina in Charlestown where dozens of people keep, and even live, on their boats.

“He’s a slumlord. He doesn’t take care of the place, he doesn’t care about us,” said Linda Walter, who lives on her boat in the marina.

On Tuesday night, Oliner’s company posted notices, ordering more than 100 shocked boat owners to get out by Thursday because the marina was being closed.

“We’ve been there for 25 tears and he’s the worst landlord we’ve ever had,” said Mary Dellarusso, a boat owner.

In July we showed you rotted wood, sinking docks and rusted piling at the marina. We found city and state inspectors documented violations since 2010, calling the marina “dangerous” and “a hazard.”Oliner was ordered to make repairs. Finally, the Massachusetts Attorney General sued Martin Oliner, but these evictions were a surprise to everyone.

At the hearing, Oliner, who’s the mayor of a small town in New York, and his lawyers argued they had little choice but to shut the place down.

“I think it’s fair to say that we’ve taken all the steps necessary to close the marina so we can quickly rebuild it, so we can have the most beautiful marina in Boston in place,” said Oliner.

When we tried to ask more, his layer stepped in.

“Mr. Oliner has spoken, he’s made his comment,” said his attorney, Nicholas Carter.

With the clock ticking in the marina, the AG’s office wants a judge to delay the evictions and give these boat owners more time.

“It’s not an appropriate action to kick everyone out on 48 hours notice,” said Russ Robins, a boat owner.

While everyone waits for the judge’s decision, Mayor Menino and the AG’s office are working to help boat owners find a new place to doc and some a new place to live.

If you have concerns, please contact the mayor’s 24-hour hotline at 617-635-4500.

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