Boat owners at a trouble marina in Charlestown are getting some good news.

Hank first revealed conditions at the Shipyard Quarters Marina in July. Since 2010, city and state inspectors issued safety violations to the marina for many things, including rusted pilings, twisted docks and rotting wood. Then the Attorney General’s office went to court and asked a judge to force the marina’s owner, Marti Oliner, to make repairs.

Last week Oliner issued eviction notices to boat owners ordering them out in 48 hours. Full time residents who live on house boats complained they could not move on such short notice.

Friday a judge ordered boat owners are allowed to stay until October 31, and requested an engineer find a safe place in the marina for vessels to dock. If that can’t happen, Oliner must pay for relocation costs.

Martin Oliner said he’s making every effort to comply with the court’s order and the marina can’t be repaired, it needs to be replaced. A new marina is estimated to cost $7 million and the judge has frozen Oliner’s assets until he can prove he has the money to pay for it.

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