NBC’s series ‘Believe’ premieres Monday night

NBC debuts a new show in primetime Monday. “Believe” is about a girl with supernatural powers being hunted down by forces of evil.

This project has some pretty big names behind it, including “Lost” creator JJ Abrams, and Oscar-winning director Alfonson Cuaron.

It starts with a car crash.

And while that accident spells the end for the parents of a ten-year-old girl named Bo, it’s just the beginning for NBC’s new show “Believe.”

“We’re dealing with issues about longing, about loss, about loneliness,” said Alfonson Cuaron, show creator.

Cuaron is the creator of this supernatural drama, but he says his aim was to keep it real.

“This is not a comic book kind of approach. This is not a fantasy approach. We wanted to be in locations that are relatable,” Cuaron said.

Also relatable is the cast and crew enthusiasm for working with the man who just won the best director Oscar for the film “Gravity.”

“Alfonso’s someone I’ve wanted to work with for years,” said JJ Abrams, executive producer.

The show has plenty of “whoa” moments as Bo displays talents beyond mere mortals. That puts her in the sights of some very unsavory characters.

Delroy Lindo has taken on the role of guardian.

Lindo’s character goes to unusual lengths to find a body guard for Bo rescuing a death row inmate on the way to his execution.

“That’s really the heart of the show is our relationship that we have with each other, and not only how it starts out but where it’s going,” said Jake McLaughlin, ”Tate.”

“How” it’s going is also important, as the protector discovers his young ward has an assortment of metaphysical tricks that she can’t quite control.

“There’s like all these crazy powers like I’m reading the script I’m like whoa. That’s different,” said Johnny Sequoyah, “Bo.”

NBC’s hoping it’s a difference you’ll enjoy on Monday night.