(WHDH) — One of America’s original candy treats is returning to store shelves this summer under new management after taking a two-year hiatus.

Just when the nation could use a little bit of nostalgia, the Spangler Candy Company announced Thursday that the fan-favorite treat will hit major drugstores in June and then a larger number of retailers later in July.

“We know fans have been waiting anxiously for the return of Necco Wafers and anticipate high demand. Our production lines will continue to run as fast as possible to keep stores in-stock,” said CEO Kirk Vashaw in a statement.

The owner of the former company behind the chalky, colorful confections unexpectedly shut down operations at its Massachusetts plant in 2018, prompting employees to file a class-action lawsuit against the company.

At that time, Necco, or New England Confectionery Co., was the country’s oldest continuously operating candy company.

Due to its enduring popularity, the original recipe for the Necco Wafer has remained essentially unchanged over the years, and the comeback collection is no different.

Each wax wrapped package will contain lemon (yellow), lime (green), orange (orange), clove (light purple), cinnamon (white), wintergreen (pink), licorice (dark grey) and chocolate (brown).

Seven of the eight flavors were designed to identically match the originals.

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