Neighbors fight for prowling peacock

Mister P, the peacock, is famous in New Orleans. And its residents are fighting on the bird’s behalf.

Residents in one neighborhood are fighting to keep the exotic bird safe after animal control agents attempted to capture the bird.

Lisa Palumbo, who takes care of the bird, says that most neighbors enjoy the peacock’s company. But some neighbors have reported that the bird gets too noisy, pecks at cars, and has damaged gardens.

"His behavior has been a bit different this year," says Palumbo, "but he’s a good bird."

After animal control agents attempted to capture the peacock, Palumbo and other neighbors contacted the city council.

One city council member has pushed for an ordinance that would list the neighborhood as a sanctuary for the bird.

Neighbors are also trying to create a fund to repair any damages caused by Mr. P.

"He’s the unexpected neighbor that we ended up with and the beautiful neighbor," Palumbo says, "and it’s hard for anybody to see this bird and not be overwhelmed with his beauty."

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