It's like, "The British are coming!" 

Everybody says, "Boston's going to change!  Boston's going to change!" But how? Here are a few ways:

Most important, City Hall is going to be open for business.  Ambitious people, take your talents to the concrete castle in Government Center.  Developers: now's your chance.  The building is going to be under new management, and some of Mayor Menino's staffers are going to be swept out.  Seize the moment!

Whether it's Mayor Walsh or Mayor Connolly,  Boston is about to double down on diversity. During the campaign, both candidates acknowledged  there's racism in Boston, including in the police department.  So you can expect big changes-fast-in the city's racial climate.

And, sorry, but Boston is also going from prime time to maybe-next-time, in terms of national politics.  And that's because Boston is losing its face, which

Tom Menino has been for decades.  Menino has had a long run as one of the state's most popular politicians; at this point, Walsh and Connolly can only envy it.

And, finally, don't forget the casino! 

If the city gets it, or doesn't, I'd bet there will be a big difference in how the new mayor will react, and how the soon-to-be-old one would have.

At least for a while, everything may not be personal.

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