New Englanders flock to beaches to stay cool

BOSTON (WHDH) — When the sun is blazing and the sand scorching hot, the best advice on how to stay cool will inevitably come from a kid.

“Go in the water a lot, cause it will cool off. If you just stay in the sun it’s just gonna burn you but if you go into ocean you're gonna be cool,” said Gabriella Santiago, who was enjoying the sun.

In the long stretch of summer days folks packed Carson Beach, and looked for a bit of relief.

“It’s scorching hot and sometimes the breeze comes in but it’s around 100 degrees right now,” said De Le, enjoying the sun.

Many waded in the water, splashed each other, or just relished in the occasional ocean breeze. It was a day where the sunscreen was prevalent and the water bottles kept close.

“It’s a little warm, but as long as you have water when you need it and of course I have my nice hat, so I'm ok,” said Bridget Wojtulewicz.

Many were on a mission for a nice tan.

“We wanted to get tan that was pretty much the plan,” said Courtney Cydylo, working on her tan.

“I have an uneven tan, so I need even out my tan,” Le said.

After all it wasn't too long ago when all of us begged for a little warmth and sunshine.