BOSTON (WHDH) — A new fitness trend that’s fun and effective at giving you a total body workout. It’s called suspension training – and its gaining popularity with everyone from celebrities and athletes to senior citizens.

“Every fit adult should give this a try- if they have been cleared by a doctor to exercise–it can really teaches you how to do exercise correctly,” said Houston.

Suspension training involves hanging straps and uses your own bodyweight as the resistance.

“She’s able to use limitless movement and variety of movement,” said Houston.

Personal trainer Jana Houston says it’s all about core strength!

“You ignite your core 100 percent,” said Houston.

“It’s like architecture, if you have house and the roof is not pitched properly, it’s gonna fall apart – same as your body – everything has a placement,” said Houston.

The moves include a lot of the same ones you would do on a matt, like planks, squats, pull-ups and push-ups.

“For someone learning to do push-ups they can do it at a lighter vector, allows them a little less body weight… but still get the results for a push up. You can also do it to increase your range of motion,” said Houston.

But by using the suspension straps, you incorporate strength, stabilization and flexibility – a lot of bang for your buck.

Lauren wanted to get in better shape for her wedding and said she saw results right away.

“It really helped me work on my core…and I instantly felt my shoulders going back, and I work at a desk all day. My shoulders felt like they were coming forward – this made me align my posture,” said Houston.

Your center of gravity changes with each exercise, so core muscles are constantly engaged.

“You know you’re doing it correctly, if it wasn’t I’d be on the floor,” said Houston.

Houston has a variety of clients from athletes to senior citizens…and says every fitness level can be addressed.

“Even though it was challenging it was great, I felt it right away,” said Lauren.

Houston recommends suspension training once or twice a month for people who just want to maintain good posture and body alignment or more frequently to improve your overall quality of movement.

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