New Hampshire city using goats to keep vegetation in check

KEENE, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire city has turned to a herd of hungry goats to tame the vegetation at its closed landfill.

Dubbing them its new lawn mowers, the public works department in Keene said Monday that it had brought in 30 goats in June to munch on the grass and shrubs at the fenced-in landfill. They are being joined by Enzo, a dog tasked with protecting the goats from potential predators.

The assistant public works director Duncan Watson says the goats are pulling their weight so far, though he estimates the city probably would need up to 100 goats to maintain the entire 20-acre site. At $300 a month, the goats are a bargain.

Goats, as well as sheep, are increasingly being used to maintain municipal grounds — including at Western Michigan University, where a union filed a grievance over the practice.

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