He’s a man who’s taken romance to new heights, capturing the look of love shared between newlyweds on a ledge more than 400 feet above the ground.

“I have a healthy respect for heights let’s put it that way,” photographer Jay Philbrick said.

He discovered the ledge in North Conway, New Hampshire while working as a climbing guide.

“I always wanted to get a couple there,” he said.

An idea that resulted in stunning wedding photos that many believe are photoshopped.

“I was, that first time was, yeah it was pretty unforgettable,” Jay remembered. “I’m just going, ‘I hope this works.'”

It did. Christie and Kevin Coleman are one of the couples that said ‘I Do’ to the unique opportunity.

“We wanted something where we had a memory,” Christie said.

“They are pretty much one of a kind,” Kevin said.

Getting the shot isn’t easy. Couples must rappel down 40 feet to the ledge. Jay venturing down with them, while his wife, Vicki, gets more shots from above and across the way.

“We are happy to do it because it’s a lot of fun,” Vicki said.

Christie took it one step further and dangled off of it.

“The dangling part wasn’t hard at all,” she said. “I think I was comfortable with the fact that of what’s underneath you. Either that or you’re just numb to it.”

Newlyweds aren’t the only people to go over the edge. Philbrick has worked with dancers and models as well.

“It definitely gets your adrenaline rushing, but at the same time its awe-inspiring,” model Sarah Maillet said.

A different view of the world that Philbrick doesn’t plan to give up anytime soon.

“As long as the body keeps going, as long as things keep bending and work and I’m not in too much pain, I’ll keep doing it,” Philbrick said.

While it may look dangerous, Philbrick wants to assure people that it is extremely safe since people are always tied in and anchored to the ledge.

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