Young advocates in New Hampshire are calling for changes to the state’s liquor laws.

Members of “Dover Youth to Youth” say packaging and marketing for alcoholic beverages could make drinks appealing to children.

“We’re concerned that the alcohol companies are making products unreasonably attractive to kids and teens with their design and marketing and advertisements,” said Mia Mozzoni, a member of the program.

A “youth empowerment program” coordinated by the Dover Police Department, Dover Youth to Youth raises awareness about substance abuse issues. Youths who take part in it say many alcoholic drinks have youthful packaging and flavors, that end up targeting kids.

“Like this ‘Slushie’ product from Downeast – it’s got the whole Slushie vibe going on, like you might see in a convenience store,” Mozzoni said.

“Concord Craft Brewing Company came out with their ‘Finding NEIPA’ beer, and it’s very kid-oriented because it’s based off of the movie ‘Finding Nemo,'” said Megan Merrigan, another program member, while holding up a can of the product. “It has the same font and then, here on the side, it says ‘How many Clownfish can you find?’ but I can’t really picture a grown-adult just spending their time looking for Clownfish on a bottle of beer.”

The advocates say it can be hard to tell the difference between a company’s non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, like products from the Arizona Beverage Company.

“Basically the same, exact logo – they’re basically the same exact thing, and this is really concerning because the alcohol industry is marketing it the exact, same way,” said another member, Luisa Pelletier, while holding up both a can of AriZona Green Tea and a can of AriZona Hard Green Tea. “And we do not think that is responsible for this company or brand to be doing, and is simply just too enticing and attractive to kids.”

The program said it is reaching out to the New Hampshire Liquor Commission to try and change how the drinks are advertised.

“These are the kinds of things that, growing up, could harm my peers and myself, and I don’t want me or my friends or anyone who is close to me to be harmed by the irresponsible choices by the adults who choose to make these products.” Merrigan said.

“We are the people who are going to grow up and live with this every, single day, so we really are a powerful force that needs to be heard,” Pelletier added.

7NEWS reached out to the beverage companies Dover Youth 2 Youth has raised concerns about.

In a response, Concord Craft Brewing stated that they were aware of the group and that all of the company’s beer packaging is approved by the New Hampshire state Liquor Commission, which “reviews it for appropriateness with regard to appeal or confusion for underage drinking.”

All other companies did not respond as of Sunday evening.

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