New & Improved Holiday Forecast

Stellar day with deep blue skies and fresh onshore winds. Coolish feel all around, but the sun we a great counterpoint to that. One thing I noticed however, was how much taller the shadows are in the afternoon. It’s no wonder: the sun angle is getting lower by the day. In fact, the noontime sun angle has dropped from 65 deg. on August 1st to 56 degrees today. That’s equates to a significant drop in incoming solar radiation.

But no matter, the heat and humidity are making a comeback this weekend.

First up, however, is a cool (chilly?) night tonight:

Fallish feel, but the only really cool morning we’ll see this weekend. After temperate highs in the low/mid 70s tomorrow, the humidity comes roaring back on Sunday along with the warm summer temps:

There is a threat for some wet weather, but it’s hardly the soaker I feared earlier in the week. In fact, much of Sunday is rain-free, and there are many hours of dry on Labor Day. Greatest threat seems to be in the afternoons – no wonder with daytime heating in a humid airmass.

What’s not shown is the threat for rain/storms on Sunday night, which seems to be our best chance for getting wet. In any event, keep an eye to the sky both Sunday and Monday. Storms could get out of hand with significant rain and lightning.

Be well, rest up, enjoy the weekend and watch for motorcycles and pedestrians.