Today the state revealed the final regulations for medical marijuana. Since January it’s been legal in Massachusetts for people to use pot WITH A DOCTORS PERMISSION if they have a “debilitating disease”. But a 7NEWS producer was perfectly healthy and it was shockingly easy for her to get a doctor’s okay to use marijuana in an exclusive 7NEWS investigation. Now officials tell us they’re hoping these new rules will change that.

Caught on camera by our undercover producer: What this Massachusetts doctor is doing-and this one would be PROHIBITED under new Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations.

Our producer was completely healthy when she visited two local clinics asking for marijuana. Each time, she paid 200 dollars, spent less than seven minutes with a doctor and showed them nothing but x-rays of a yellow Labrador with arthritis. But she came away with a free pass to grow and use a sixty day supply of medical marijuana.

Dr. Lauren Smith, Massachusetts Department of Public Health

“This idea of seeing someone for five to ten minutes and writing down certification would not be acceptable and clearly is not included in our regulations.”

These new regulations make it clear – a doctor must:

*Conduct a clinical visit

*Complete a full assessment of the patient’s medical history and current medical condition

*Explain the potential benefits and risks of marijuana use

*Have a role in the ongoing treatment of the patient.

Dr. Lauren Smith, Massachusetts Department of Public Health

“Now that the regulations are out there I think we’re on record in a very clear and explicit way what we expect to be happening.”

The new regulations don’t go into effect until May 24th to read them, click here:

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