New study claims it’s perfectly safe to drink 25 cups of coffee a day

(WHDH) — Caffeine junkies, rejoice.

A new study says it’s perfectly OK to drink more than two dozen cups of coffee a day.

Research from the Queen Mary University of London found that drinking coffee, including in people who drink up to 25 cups a day, is not associated with having stiffer arteries.

Arteries carry blood containing oxygen and nutrients from the heart to the rest of the body. If arteries become stiff, it can cause stress on the heart and increase the chance for heart attack or stroke.

Professor Steffen Petersen, who led the study, examined arterial stiffness in more than 8,000 people. He did not find a difference between people who consume less than one cup of coffee and those who gulped down 25 cups.

Other studies have suggested that a maximum of five cups a day is a safe benchmark but professor Metin Avkiran, the associate medical director at the university, disagrees with those findings.

“There are several conflicting studies saying different things about coffee, and it can be difficult to filter what we should believe and what we shouldn’t,” he said. “This research will hopefully put some of the media reports in perspective, as it rules out one of the potential detrimental effects of coffee on our arteries.”

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