New text-to-911 feature helps save life in Randolph

RANDOLPH, MASS. (WHDH) - A new text-to-911 feature that just went live in Massachusetts last week is being credited with saving a life in Randolph.

Randolph police officer Richard Lucey and Det. Kristen Gagnon say they service helped them quickly respond to a young man who was attempting to commit suicide.

“The text came in, saying he no longer wanted to live, but luckily he did put his address in the text,” Lucey said, adding that dispatch was able to pinpoint the man’s location.

Gagnon said every second mattered in the tense rescue.

“He was hanging in the closet,” Gagnon said. “So I quickly went over and tried to pull the shirt that he had around him off his neck.”

After they got him down, Gagnon and Lucey were able to revive him.

“I’m just glad we were there and we got there in time before the situation got much worse,” Gagnon said.

Lucey added, “It’s nice, so close to Christmas, after all these years. It was good to have someone that lived.”

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