One of the passengers, on the New York commuter train that crashed knows a thing or two about panic.

He was at the Boston Marathon finish line when the bombs went off and what he’s taking away from both tragedies is that you can’t take any day for granted.

“There was a bump and then the train came to a stop, and then everything went silent,” Fred Bonnacor said.

He was standing in the vestibule in a middle car of Metro North’s 5:44 train on the Harlem line.

“Several people were yelling ‘you have to move back, everyone walk back,'” he said.

Chaos and confusion began to set in.

“Whatever that emotion is that leads to panic was starting to bubble up in the car,” Bonnacor said.

Then an explosion.

“Not like a massive explosion but a boom towards the front of the train. A number of people, myself included, said we just need to get off the train,” Bonnacor said.

Bonnacor grabbed the emergency lever and opened the door. He has cuts on his hands from the glass. The doors opened and he jumped out as another small explosion came from the front. Bonnacor quickly started helping others off.

“Nobody told us to do that it just seemed like that’s what needed to happen.”

Bonnacor said from inside the train he had no idea just how bad the situation was.

“To come to the realization that people in the train actually died was really a frightening concept.”

Bonnacor has been through tragedy before. He was at the Boston Marathon standing right across the street when the bombs went off. Now he says he appreciates everyday he has with his family.

“Everyone just needs to take away the message don’t take things for granted. Don’t take any given day, people for granted

That train crash killed six people and injured another 15.

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