Wren Clair

Meteorologist Wren Clair joined the 7Weather Team in October 2016 just in time to start prepping for her favorite season – winter.

Wren is no stranger to cold winters and waist-high piles of snow. Originally from Minneapolis, Wren was most recently working in Northern Wisconsin’s where winters bring average lows near zero degrees and wind chills hitting -55 degrees.

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Wren graduated from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a double major in Chemistry and Anthropology. While working as a chemist in Minneapolis, she decided to pursue her passion for weather instead of her parents’ career as dentists. She still loves great teeth though. Wren continued her weather education at Mississippi State University, earning her Bachelors of Science degree.

Wren can’t wait to track New England’s ever-changing weather. When she’s not following or studying the weather, Wren enjoys art, jogging, and watching baseball with her cat Charlie.